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“It’s all so easy and pretty, right?” everywhere you look, you’ll find renovation packages – many at unbelievable costs. It’s tempting to join one. But you must reconsider your decision and better know the realities behind these remodeling packages first.

With more than a coat of paint needed, it can be tough to know which repairs and improvements should be made. To get the epic results, you have to go through various makeover and renovation packages to get the customized Budget Renovation Package to match your specific demands.

You Need a Home Renovation Package!

The Home Renovation Package is all about creating new room layouts and blueprints. This service also involves a complete “demolition” of the old rooms and a thorough refurbishment. Your hired renovation firm performs the following tasks under this Cheap Renovation Package:

  • Repair existing walls
  • Repair and renovate ceilings
  • Install new waterproofing where necessary,
  • Screed floors before totally redecorating with quality fixtures and fittings, tiling, etc.
  • Relocate fixtures to different places inside the room
  • Move sanitary ware if essential after getting council clearance

What is a Basic Renovation Package?

If you want to renovate only one room in your house, the “Basic Renovation Package” is just perfect for you. Renovation firms and businesses offer renovation packages for 3, 4, and 5 rooms most of the time. Still, many individuals don’t want or afford complete renovation for their homes. They may also wish to remodel a single room because they haven’t altered or suited the other parts of the home. As an option, a Basic Renovation Package is a perfect approach to upgrading a specific house area.

Renovation Packages by PJ Design:

We are a reputable and reliable business providing top quality, affordable, and customized renovation packages, including:

What is Included in Our Any Budget Renovation Package:

All Budget Renovation Package and Renovation Resale Package by PJ Design include the complete renovation of any single room (basic package), 3, 4, & 5 room HDB BTO flats, and condominiums. We strive to accomplish all work within your financial budget for your convenience while still employing the finest quality materials. So, we always take the time to completely grasp what you’re looking for in a product or service before moving further.

Size, complexity, and your budget decide the renovation budget. Our pre-made designs are combined with customer choices to produce the greatest possible design, ensuring that it looks gorgeous and valuable for our Resale Renovation Package. It is our goal to create a plan that makes an unforgettable impact on your guests.

Our professionals exclusively work with the top suppliers in Singapore, guaranteeing that we can do the best job possible no matter what design you pick. Our cheap Resale Renovation Package includes all renovation services for walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

Basic Tasks We Perform in Our Cheap Renovation Package:

Excellence is our pride, and we always believe in educating our clients to know what they are getting into before choosing any Renovation Resale Package. Upon selecting any of our Home Renovation Packages, you get all or specific of the following services:


Masonry work includes constructing cabinet bases, shower curbs, and tiling floors and walls. The more tinkering and reconfiguring you do, the more brickwork you’ll need to put in to make it all work. Because of this, the cost also increases as you cover a larger area with more raw materials and labor.


Sometimes, it is necessary to demolish some wall, flooring, or other old constructed units during the renovation process. Destroying and disposing of the home’s original condition costs more money and time. That’s why a Resale Renovation Package might potentially be more expensive than building a new unit from scratch.

In most situations, hacking isn’t essential. Various contemporary floors may be placed over the original tiles, such as vinyl or laminate, to avoid extra expenses.


Pluming work for a Resale Flat Renovation Package or any other Budget Renovation Package includes pipes fittings, valves, tank fittings, and bathroom fittings.

Electrical Wiring:

In a Cheap Renovation Package, electric work includes distribution boards, sockets, switches, and other electronic devices.

Flooring & creating feature wall:

Floor covering with tiles or carpets include in this service. In addition to it, our packages also include a feature wall in the room, bathroom, or Kitchen that is different in terms of color, design, and texture from the other walls in the space.


Custom build furniture always looks classy and elegant, and we provide carpentry services for this. This work involves a variety of options such as custom-built bed platforms, bookcases, and TV consoles, as well as closets and kitchen cabinets, among other things.

Why choose PJ Design?

Lifestyle ideas, home renovations, and home remodeling in Singapore can all be found in one place with PJ Design. We are your ultimate partners in the exciting adventure of creating your dream house or providing you the best resale value for your property. We do all this and more, keeping your financial range in mind and offering you a variety of affordable Home Renovation Packages.

Our cheap Resale Renovation Package meets your customized home renovation needs. Find your condominium, BTO & HDB renovation package. We will help you stay on the right track with our professional interior designers from start to finish.