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Bathrooms Renovation Package

Bathrooms have evolved to become a haven of refuge as our world becomes more hectic and stressful. The professionals at PJ Design have all the goods you’ll need from all the brands you’re familiar with when it comes to constructing your dream bathroom. As a leading provider of bathroom renovation services, we can supply you with a comprehensive selection of services that will adequately fit your needs. With our stylish 2 bathroom renovation package, we can increase the value of your home and offer you bathrooms that you will be proud of for years to come. Depending on your needs and desires, we may design and build a wide range of bathrooms.

Our 2 Bathrooms Renovation Package is specially designed for our clients to choose from a wide selection of sizes, styles, and combinations of the spa bath. With the sleek, modern free-standing soaker bath or the traditional claw foot design, you have complete freedom to boost your imagination for your bathroom renovations. You may also pair it with a trendy vanity made of wood or glass.

Exclusive Bathroom Renovations to Suit Your Lifestyle:

We don’t use the word standard but excellence to describe our working style. We provide custom bathroom renovation services and cater to Singapore’s rising need for luxury bathroom design and renovations at cheap costs. We work with you to recreate a bathroom that’s both functional and visually attractive.

bathroom renovation package
2 bathroom renovation package

Details of 2 Bathrooms Renovation Package:

Our 2 bathroom renovation package includes various complete services required to rebuild, redesign, and decorate your 2 bathrooms according to your demands at the most affordable price. Our professional services include complete planning and consultation for the design and proposal and perspective sketches and drawings. After getting your approval for a specific design, we discuss the material and color options and management of the project with you. We also provide after-sales services with two years warranty. Our complete 2 bathroom renovation package includes the following supplies and services:

Demolition & Masonry Work:

It includes demolition of the existing structure of both bathrooms, walls, and floor tiles. Our 2 Bathrooms Renovation Package consists of the supply of ceramic wall tiles, homogeneous floor tiles, and HDB approved waterproofing membranes for 2 bathrooms.

Plumbing work:

Complete replacement of (standard s/steel) piping; only cold pipes would be done. Install 2 sets of sitting water closets, instant heaters, washbasins, and other bathrooms accessories.

Electrical Work & Doors Installation:

Electrical work includes the reinstallation of the existing light and heater points for standard and master toilets. We also provided and installed 2 aluminum bi-fold doors for bathrooms.

Miscellaneous Work:

On completing the 2 Bathrooms Renovation Package, we also performed general cleaning, chemical wash, and protection of floors with corrugated cardboard, Haulage, and debris cleaning.