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Kitchen Renovation Package

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Spending extra money on renovating the kitchen makes sense, and do you know why?

If there is one area in your house that must be useful above all others: The kitchen. Examples include the materials you use, the installed method, and the "good to have" elements. To be considered a home's heart, though, a kitchen must also be fashionable and attractive. However, if you're not careful, the expense of a kitchen makeover may rapidly pile up.

PJ Design offers you a premium and budget BTO Kitchen Renovation Package and resale HDB kitchen renovation package at an exclusively affordable price. We aim to simplify your life by designing and planning your project, regardless of the size of your budget.

Choose Your Resale Kitchen Renovation Package Today!

We care for you and your kitchen renovation needs. That is why our toilet and kitchen renovation package is customized to give you the best for your money. You may save time and money by purchasing our HDB kitchen renovation package that takes care of everything for you. Homes that want a stunning new appearance at a lower cost and with less worry can consider a BTO Kitchen Renovation Package.

bto kitchen renovation package

Our resale kitchen renovation package has cost-effective outfitting choices. Our design professionals can complete many renovations in a short amount of time while still ensuring that the property appears attractive and appealing to potential purchasers.

Our Toilet & Kitchen Renovation Package includes!

This package is perfect for those who own a resale property or are dissatisfied with an outdated, leaky kitchen when it comes to your house. Your obsolete kitchen needs a complete overhaul, and our resale HDB kitchen renovation package or toilet and kitchen renovation package provides you all that you want, including:

  • Plumbing services with the installation of washbasin, floor waste outlets, and bathtubs. Complete flooring, tiling, and other wet works.
  • Install additional or false ceilings to enhance the inside of a space, manage humidity and conceal wiring. Electrical work is also included in these packages to install new lighting points, power points, and protection of electrical wiring with PVC tucking.
  • Construction kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and installing the feature wall to add a style to your kitchen or bathroom.

Plan your kitchen or bathroom renovation in Singapore:

Before availing our any of the resale kitchen renovation package or toilet and kitchen renovation package, make your plan:

Decide your renovation purpose:

The reason for renovating your kitchen is crucial. Renovating your home to boost the resale value might be expensive.

Creating a budget:

Your ID should know how much you're willing to spend, and you should always be prepared to pay an additional 30 to 35 percent of the final amount for any unexpected work.

Choose the suitable package:

Comparing IDs' many package options can help you get the best bargain. Using your ID, you may find out if the firm understands your demands. As long as they're willing to accommodate your needs, your remodeling will go well.

Pj Design offers you customized packages according to your demands and budget, including:

  • BTO Kitchen Renovation Package
  • Resale HDB kitchen renovation package
  • Toilet & kitchen renovation package