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HDB Renovation Package

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Do you want to give a new look to your HDB apartment? HDB Renovation is the right package to opt for. Whether you need to renovate the condo for resale purposes or you want it for your use, you’ll end up getting a beautiful place where you can live or charge a higher amount at the time of sales, depending upon your goal.

PJ Design has set up different renovation packages. The multiple packages and features availability ensures that you can get the renovations according to your needs. Thus, making your home look aesthetically appealing with all the functionality you have always wanted to have.

Major or minor renovation:

You don’t necessarily have to go for the major renovations to give your HDB Apartment a new look. Sometimes minor tweaks in the structure or the decoration element can completely change the overall look.

You can choose the renovation aspects on your own or hire an expert to find the issues in the existing structure. Even if you have a specific layout or design in your mind, you can share it with our team to get an approximate quote.

Structural or Aesthetic HDB BTO Renovation Package:

PJ Design offers you the structural and aesthetic HDB Resale Renovation Package. Whether it is the leakage in the room that needs to be fixed or you want a new shelf to place your decoration items, you can get it done during the renovation process.

Our team is expert in handling all such types of renovation and changes in the house, specifically in the HDB Apartment, so you don’t have to worry about the work quality and time-lapses. We only commit to what we can provide. No over commitments or fake promises are involved.

Renovations based on room size:

Based on the room size, you can choose a renovation package. Below are the different options available:

5 Room HDB Renovation:

Do you have a five-room apartment? Get our 5 Room HDB Renovation Package, and you’ll be able to renovate your entire place under this package. Whether it is the minor tweak that you need or a full-fledged makeover of your site, you can hire the experts for this purpose.

5 room hdb renovation package
4 room hdb renovation package

4 Room HDB Renovation:

Another renovation package you can avail of is the HDB Resale 4 Room Renovation Package. In this package, you can expect modifications for your four-room apartment with all sorts of changes that you have been expecting your place to be like. Such a package is also effective if you want to sell your HDB apartment and get a higher price.

3 Room HDB Renovation:

Even for the three-room apartments, PJ Design has a special three-room HDB renovation package available. By availing this package, you’ll get answer looking room, which would be aesthetically appealing for everyone who visits your place. This is one of the reasons you can expect the higher price for these departments upon the resale, thus making the HDB 3 Room Resale Renovation Package a necessity.

3 room hdb renovation package
2 room hdb renovation package

2 Room HDB Renovation:

For the 2 Room HDB renovation, you can contact PJ Design. We can provide you with different packages for minor and significant changes that you would expect in your place. With this HDB Resale Renovation Package, you’ll be able to revamp your location entirely, giving it a dreamy look.

You can even present our team with the custom changes you want at your place. We can offer a customized HDB BTO Renovation Package to help you with an estimate.

Contact us:

Whether you need 5 Room HDB Renovation Package, HDB BTO Renovation Package, HDB Resale 4 Room Renovation Package, HDB 3 Room Resale Renovation Package, or HDB Resale Renovation Package, we can help you with all of it.

You can share your requirements, and we can survey your place to understand the extent of changes before sharing any of the packages. Once our team has all the data regarding your requirements, they can quote you a price for the renovation without any fee.

Based on the quote, you can decide if you want to hire PJ Design for the renovation or not. No strings attached. Our quality service delivery and efficient customer support are always there to assist you.