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Do you think your BTO Apartment can be more customize according to your needs? Did you want an extra area within your room or a play area for your kids instead of a lounge? All these changes don’t have to wait long when your special BTO Renovation package from PJ Design is available.

We offer you high-quality services with complete facilities. You can ask our experts about the potential impact of your required modifications over the existing building, the exact quote for the deliverable, and get support throughout the renovation process.

What should you expect in the BTO Renovation package?

This package is holistic and covers everything starting from the leakage repair to the minor construction work. Ceiling repairing, woodwork, electrical maintenance, plumbing errands, we can handle all these tasks with proficiency.

We want to bring you the best work so you won’t have to compromise on your dream house or get into the renovation process again.

Room based BTO Renovation package:

At PJ design, you can get the specified package depending upon the number of rooms. It makes it convenient for you to get into the renovation process and get your home fully fixed in no time. Let’s discuss the packages:

5 Room BTO Renovation:

5 Room BTO Renovation Package allows you to make your entire home look just precisely what you want. No matter if the rooms are large or small, if the existing lighting connections are sufficient, or is it the extra shelf that would make your room perfect or you, we can deal with all these sorts of issues and bring you the best results.

5 room bto renovation package
4 room bto renovation package

4 Room BTO Renovation:

One of the other packages you can avail of is the 4 Room BTO Renovation Package. We can revamp the entire look of all your rooms. We can brighten your whole house by including the specialized cabinets in the kitchen, stylish ceilings in the room, and adding light fixtures in the living area.

3 Room BTO Renovation:

If you have 3 rooms in your BTO apartment, you should choose the 3 Room BTO Renovation Package. With our vast experience, we can modify the old look and bring in the functional and aesthetic value that you have always wanted to be a part of your home.

3 room bto renovation package
2 room bto renovation package

2 Room BTO Renovation

It doesn’t matter if your home has 2 just rooms, we can improve it functionally and aesthetically, so you’ll love to be in your room. With the provision of beautiful design, ease in working, and the maintenance of the right aura, you’ll never want to leave your home after getting 2 Room BTO Renovation Package from PJ Design.

Our aim is to bring in satisfaction for our customers. With this guiding principle, we always look for your suggestions and then provide you with our opinions, so we are all on the same point. Once we decide upon the required changes, we can start working at your place immediately.

The charges for each of these renovation types are different. The change in the number of BTO rooms and your exceptions determine the exact quote you should expect from our experts. As the provision of value is our main concern, we’ll always charge reasonably while bringing in the maximum benefits for our customers.

How to contact?

Suppose you want to know about the 5 Room BTO Renovation Package, 4 Room BTO Renovation Package, 3 Room BTO Renovation Package, and 2 Room BTO Renovation Package. In that case, you can contact us right now.

We’ll send a team of experts to your place to determine the current condition of your BTO Apartment. We’ll share a customized quote with you to properly assess your required changes and the existing situation. Based on this you can make your decision about the renovation.

Don’t hesitate to get the quote as we do not charge anything for it; it will be your choice if you want our services or not. So, there’s nothing to worry about. Call us now, and our team will be there to discuss the different BTO renovation packages.