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Room Renovation Packages

Interior design planning and renovation management require a tailored strategy and an experienced renovation contractor every time, no matter how little or large the restoration project. Renovation initiatives geared toward resale are becoming more common. The possibility of reselling your house soon or in the future, especially if you know you will outgrow it, motivates to renovate it to increase the intentions and attractiveness of potential homeowner.

Remodeling should be planned and focused on areas that will make the most significant impact on potential purchasers at the lowest possible expense if you're moving soon. To sell your home quickly and for top cash, de-cluttering and staging should be the first stages in any remodeling job.

PJ Design has a stellar reputation as a Singapore interior design and remodeling contractor. As a company, we're recognized for our professionalism, attention to detail, and adaptability. As one of Singapore's leading renovation contractors, we provide resale room remodeling packages. Every client's demand will be met with our tailored solutions that are:

  • 3 room resale renovation package
  • 4 room resale renovation package
  • 5 Room Resale Renovation Package

Types of Renovation Projects:

Remodeling projects fall into four categories, and the return on investment isn't always good with all of them. These categories include:

  • The fundamentals package includes functioning gutters and downspouts, a roof without any leakage, solid floors, sound repaired walls, and retaining walls that work.
  • Curb appeal includes fresh paint, new fixtures, and clean floors r carpets.
  • Value-adding amenities package provides kitchen and bathroom renovations, siding, and new windows.
  • The resale renovation includes whole room projects to recoup the most value.

3 Steps resale room renovation solution:

We offer various resale renovation packages for 3, 4, and 5 room renovation package for BTO, Condominiums, HBD resale, and landed properties. In 3 simple steps, we unleash the resale potential of your property.

  • Make a strategy: We begin by creating a plan that maximizes the resale potential of your home.
  • Complete makeover: Our team of professionals determines the optimal makeover strategy for the resale in a particular timeline.
  • Focused remodeling: According to the decided time and money, we focus on the most visible parts of your home, especially the rooms.
hdb 3 room resale renovation package

HDB 3-Room Resale Renovation Package:

3 room resale renovation package by PJ Design is an attractive renovation package for your 3 room HDB flat. In general, the cost of renovating a resale apartment is higher than that of a BTO. Because resale flats tend to be larger and older, more materials must be utilized, and more rehabilitation work must be done. Our 3 room resale renovation package has an affordable price, and it is suitable for resale and BTO flats.

This complete package involves the following services:

  • Installing floor coverings such as carpets or tiles on a floor surface and its cost depends upon the type of material and the area covered.
  • Carpentry work is all about cabinets and closets built according to the customer's specific needs and specifications. Material type, size of the furniture, and the manual labor decide the cost for this.
  • Walls that stand out from the rest of your home's decor are known as a highlight or feature walls. These accent customized walls are priced according to their surface area, materials, and intricacy of design.
  • Electrical equipment installation, such as switches, plugs, and distribution boards, is part of electric wiring.
  • For a decorative addition to the house's interior false ceiling is installed. Things like electrical cables, air conditioning ducting, and light fixtures may be hidden with it.

HDB 4-Room Resale Renovation Package:

Most of the time, people question when remodeling a four-room apartment, why does the cost vary, or why is someone they know receiving a lower price for their resale 4 room apartment than they are?

Unless remodeling the same sort and size of units, it's unfair to compare the costs. As well as the quality of materials utilized and any other goods an owner want, it would make a tremendous difference. Depending on your location, the value of a resale apartment is often 30 to 50% more than that of a new apartment.

hdb 4 room resale renovation package

No hacking or demolition is necessary for a new HDB flat that arrives barely unless you're tearing down walls. When you need to renovate an existing apartment, removing existing floor and wall tiles, kitchen cabinetry, etc., is typically required. Our unique 4 room resale renovation package offers homeowners an excellent deal that includes false ceiling, flooring, electric wiring, plumbing, feature wall installation, and carpentry.

hdb 5 room resale renovation package

HDB 5-Room Resale Renovation Package:

We can create a unique interior design by renovating your home. PJ Design provides a wide range of refurbishment packages for resell apartments or buy to let properties (BTOs). Our 5 room resale package is a great deal that you can avail yourself of at the most suitable price.

Your 5 Room Resale Renovation Package cost may vary depending upon the following factors:

  • The type of your property impacts the price of your resale renovation package as resale BTOs are affordable to renovate ass compare to resale flats. It is because of the small size of BTOs that they require lower costs for resale renovation.
  • The cost of your 3, 4, or 5 Room Resale Renovation Package will also be affected by the materials you choose, as they are all priced differently. Installing hardwood flooring, for example, is more expensive than installing vinyl flooring.
  • The cost of renovating your house is also determined by the style of your home's interior. This is because hiding pipes or cables in the property requires more time and money for specific interior design trends such as Scandinavian, minimalistic, etc.